Stock Feeds

Stock Feeds

Have you dropped into the shop for personalised service?

CAM00332If not, then you should drop in for a chat! Our business offers the best products and information that you can receive anywhere in the Wollondilly and Wingcarribee area.
Experienced staff are here to offer advice on feeding all farm animals and pets.We can advise you on feeding all types of livestock. We only carry Australian produced feeds like Laucke Sheep Nuts, Laucke Ewe and Lamb Nuts, Laucke Stock Nuts, Castlereagh Alpaca Pellets, Vella Pig Pellets, Vella Livestock Pellets, Vella Goat Pellets, Ridley Barastock Sheep and Cattle Pellets, Rumavite Ridley Lamb Weaner Pellets. We have a 100% money back Guarantee on all of our products.If we don’t have it we can get it in!Fresh clean hay always available. Lucerne Hay 1st grade and Lucerne Hay 2nd Grade, Oaten Hay, Rye Hay and Teff Hay


We also sell worm treatments like Q Drench, Zolvix, Panacur, Fenbender and Flucare. Pfizer 5 in 1 vaccinations are in stock. All vaccinations and wormers are available in single doses.


Olssons Peak 50 salt licks and chunks of Rock Salt available.

We are located at 590 Arina Rd Bargo and we service Bargo, Picton, Tahmoor, Thirlmere, Wilton, Douglas Park, Yanderra, Yerrinbool, Alpine, Colovale, Hilltop, Balmoral, Mittagong and Bowral with free delivery every week.

Please scroll down to view our product range for Pet and Stock Feeds OR visit our online shop.

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