Sheep Paper Work

This is a short blog on the paper work required when becoming a sheep owner/breeder.

You can go to this link to watch the video

The first thing you need is a PIC number. This is a Property Identification Code. You need to have this if you are going to breed, sell or slaughter your sheep. Click link to download form Application for PIC

All sheep you buy must have a tag with a PIC number. It is illegal to have any sheep on your property that don’t have a tag.

Once you have your PIC number, you need to buy your tags with your PIC number on them.

These can be purchased from Critter Bits and cost  around $45 for a pack of 100. They come out with a colour for each year, so you can either buy 100 of the yearly colour each year, or just use the one colour for as long as you have sheep. The advantage of using a new colour each year is that it is easy to identify what year your sheep were born, and after about 8 years, the colours are recycled and you won’t need any tags after that for a long time.

If you decide to sell, move or send your sheep to the abattoir, you will need to have a Book of Forms called the National  Vendor Declaration (Sheep and Lambs) and Waybill. The abattoir will not slaughter your sheep unless you have this form.

The book will be printed with your PIC number so only you can use it for your sheep.

This book is available from you local Rural Lands Board, by calling 1800 683 111 or going to their web site at





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