Pig Grower / Finisher

Pig Grower / Finisher has been formulated as a
commercial ration and can be fed to both growing
and finisher pigs.

Trace mineral premix added, for more detailed
analysis please contact Vella Stock Feeds.

Typical Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Energy DE / kg 13.00 14.60
Protein (%) 18.00 20.22
Calcium (%) 1.00 1.12
Phosphorus (%) 0.40 0.45
Fibre (%) 5.60 5.60
Added Salt (%) <0.50 Proteins – No urea, all protein in the form of
true proteins sources
Energy – To assist with growth
Trace Mineral Premix – To assist in maintaining
nutritional balance and health
Pellet – easier acceptance and intake by stock
Clearly Identifiable Bags – Avoids using
the wrong product
25 Kg Easy Lift Bag – For your safety also



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