Goat Pellets

Trace mineral premix added, for more detailed
analysis please contact Vella Stock Feeds.

Goat Pellets has been formulated as a
supplement to be fed in conjunction with
pasture and/or hay to growing, breeding and
mature stock for the purpose of hair, meat &
dairy production.

Typical Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Energy MJ/ME kg 10.40 11.69
Protein (%) 16.00 17.98
Calcium (%) 2.00 2.24
Phosphorus (%) 0.70 0.78
Fibre (%) 8.56 9.62
Added Salt (%) <1.00 True Proteins – No urea, all protein in the
form of true proteins sources
-High quality proteins used

Energy – Balanced energy and protein levels
to enhance pasture / hay for assistance in
maintaining maintenance and growth



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