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Instead of buying an expensive trap, just hire it from Critter Bits!

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Please check your trap twice daily as you may end up catching your neighbours cat! We caught our own cat…he wasn’t happy!IMG_1498

Fox Trap Hints

Hint 1

Place the trap near the chook cage, or any other area that the foxes are visiting. Leave meat out the front of the cage for a few nights with the door jacked open (so it can’t close) so the fox gets a good feed and gets used to going near the trap.

Then still with the door jacked open move the meat further into the cage each night.

Do this for several nights.

Then after another few nights and the fox is confident about entering the cage, set it go off.

Foxes are very clever and if he gets a fright before he goes right in to the trap, you will miss catching him and will never get him again.

Hint 2

Only put out fresh clean meat. Foxes are like cats and are very fussy about what they eat!







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