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    Digital LED display showing temperature, humidity and day counter
    Automatic temperature and humidity control
    LED candling light built-in
    Made of durable material to provide excellent insulation
    Fully automatic egg turner, turning every 2 hours
    Adjustable egg tray for different sized eggs in different capacity:
    36 Chickens
    25 Ducks
    12 Goose
    120 small birds

    Hatching Capacity: 36 Eggs
    Voltage: 240V ~ 60W, SAA approved
    Temperature range: 20℃-40℃
    Size. L48 x W42 x H13cm
    Package Includes:

    1 x egg incubator
    1x instruction


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    omfort Chick Warmer – Heat Plate (Contact Heat)
    Providing your newly hatched chicks with the right type of heat can make all the difference.
    At Appletons we have used Comfort Heat Plates for many years and it is great to see them now available for sale again in NZ. Over the years we have used them we have found them to be very reliable and an asset when raising chicks. They are made in Holland and are a very well made, good quality product. There are 5 different sizes available offering excellent value for money and with a new very clever height adjusting system, making them incredibly practical and energy saving.

    All the advantages of the new Comfort Heat Plate:

    Easy adjustment of height
    Enhanced insulation (PU)
    Higher plate temperature as before
    Low energy costs
    Double security thanks to a temperature fuse and a resistance fuse
    LED indicator
    Heat plates are a very natural heating system for chicks as it stimulates the natural heating of a mother hen and makes for healthier chicks. Chicks love to pop under mother hen for security and warmth and the Comfort Heat Plate does just the same. It is ideal to use for different types of poultry, ducks, pheasants and quail. We have used ours in the past to raise pheasants, ducks and chicks with great success. The beauty about these heat plates is that they are very economical to run so, in the long run, be a cost-saving investment. These plates are very easy to use and with the new unique height adjustment system, it makes setting the height easy. Safety has been ensured by including both a temperature and resistance fuse.

    The optional regulator is available to purchase separately. The regulator is equipped with a 1-meter long cable. Controls temperature between 20%-100%. To be used up to 100 Watts.