Dog Food

Dog Food

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CAM00332If not, then you should drop in for a chat! Our business offers the best products and information that you can receive anywhere in the Wollondilly and Wingcarribee area.Experienced staff are here to offer advice on feeding all farm animals and pets.Lamb BonesWe can advise you on feeding all types of dogs. We only carry Australian produced pet food and meat. Unlike other stores our pet meat contains only real beef, with no offal, colours, flavours or preservative. We have several varieties of fresh pet mince, Lean, Semi Lean, Puppy and Roo. We have a 100% money back Guarantee on all of our products.

We sell these brands of dog food Bonnie Complete, Bonnie Working, Bonnie Puppy, Laucke Uncle Albers Laucke Great Barko, HyproDogpro Working +, HyproDogpro Chicken +, HyproDogpro Beef +,HyproDogpro Working Original,HyproDogpro Puppy, HyproDogproTru Value , PedigreeMeatybites Beef, Supercoat Adult Beef, Supercoat Adult Chicken, SupercoatAdult Large Breed, Supercoat Puppy Large Breed, Supercoat Puppy, Supercoat Active, Supercoat Small Dog, Supercoat Sensitive, Black Hawk Dog Lamb Rice, Black Hawk Dog Chicken and Rice, Blackhawk Puppy, Blackhawk Fish and Potato, Coprice Working Dog, Copericce Family Dog, Coperice Puppy, Box 1 Gold, Box 1 4×2, Box 1 2×2 , Chum Beef. If we don’t have it we can get it in.

Fresh pet meat is a popular product and we get it in fresh every Friday. The varieties in stock are Lean, Semi Lean, Puppy, Roo, Cat Delight. All of the meat is “All Meat”, no offal, no colours and no preservative. Chicken necks, turkey necks and chicken mince as well as lamb bones are available.


We also sell flea, worm and heartworm treatments like Comfortis, Advocate, Advantage, Panoramis, Revolution, Cazitel, Heartguard and Drontal.

If you like to spoil your pet, have a look at all the pet treats available.Dried Liver, Dried Bones, Dried Pigs Ears, Dried Cabanossi, Black Dog biscuits and bones.

Rogz Dog leads, harnesses and collars are a popular brand and in kept in stock.

We are located at 590 Arina Rd Bargo and we service Bargo, Picton, Tahmoor, Thirlmere, Wilton, Douglas Park, Yanderra, Yerrinbool, Alpine, Colovale, Hilltop, Balmoral, Mittagong and Bowral with free delivery every week.

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